Bailey's No. 21 Ease & Excel 20Kg

Bailey's No. 21 Ease & Excel 20Kg
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Brand:  Bailey's Horse Feeds
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Bailey's Horse Feeds

Bailey's No. 21 Ease & Excel blended for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers.  Ideal for promoting weight gain, maintaining condition and supporting performance in all horses and ponies requiring a low starch diet. Rich in easily digestible superfibres which produces large amounts of slow release energy.  The low starch content is achieved by the exclusion of any cereal based flakes which makes it also ideal for excitable types as well as those with delicate stomachs.
Target at:

  • Horses and Ponies prone to gastric ulcers
  • Horses with increased calorie requiremnts known to need a low starch diet
  • Stressy, excitable horses needing calories for condition and performance
  • Those needing tailored dietary support for healthy muscle function
Analytical Content
Digestable Energy  Protein  Starch  Sugar  Fibre  Oil       Ash       
13 Mj/Kg 13% 8% 6% 18% 10.5% 8%