CDM Citromax Insect Repellent Spray 500ml

CDM Citromax Insect Repellent Spray 500ml

Note it is recommended that you always do a skin test before using any new coat product on your horse or pony. Perform a skin test twice, 24 hours apart by applying as directed to a small area not effected by tack. It is best to use an area where the coat is thinnest so as to make contact with the skin

Brand:  Carr Day Martin
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Carr Day Martin

Citromax insect repellent spray from Carr Day Martin should be shaken well before applying. For best results apply twice daily. 
It is best to apply with cloth or sponge to sensitive areas such as the head and under-carriage. 
Always read the label before use and perform a 24 hour test patch.
Contains Citriodiol, (eucalyptus citriodora Oil hydrated cyclized) an effective natural ingredient.
Avoid contact with the eyes and nostrils. Do not breathe the mist. This product and the container must be disposed in in a safe way. Keep in original container and out of the reach of children.