Close Contact Equi-Chaps from Equilibrium

Close Contact Equi-Chaps from Equilibrium
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Brand:  Equilibrium Products
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Equilibrium Products

Close Contact Equi-Chaps from Equilibrium Product are a must for turnout in all conditions. Not suitable for horses with neoprene allergy.
  • Helps prevent Mud Fever
  • Breathable and Supportive
  • Protects the bulbs of the heel and the coronet band
  • Super comforable and flexible
  • Fast drying
  • Tougth, waterproof finish

Available in 6 fittings.

Take measurements for width at mid point of the cannon bone, ensure you measure well clear of the knee or hock joint.
Size Width of
Cannon Bone
Height Guide
XS 16-18cm 10-12h Pony
S 18-20cm 13-14.2h Pony
M 20-22cm 14.3-15.3h
Small Horse
MW 22-24cm 14.3-15.3h Cob
L 22-24cm 16-16.3h Horse
XL 24-27cm 16.3h Middle to Heavy Weight