Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free 20Kg

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Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free 20Kg

Dengie Alpha A Molasses Free 20Kg

Analytical Content
Digestable Energy  Protein  Starch  Sugar  Fibre  Oil       Ash       
11.5Mj/Kg 14% 2% 4.5% 27% 8.5%



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Brand:  Dengie
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Weight:  20kg



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Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free for fuelling work or promoting condition in horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis.
Can be fed dry or dampened with water or the addition of a soaked fibre product.


Chopped Alfalfa, Alfalfa pellets, Rapeseed oil, Mint, Fenugreek

Vitamins and Minerals:

It is recommended that a broad spectrum supplement should be added to ensure your horse or ponies continued good health.


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