Ditch the Itch from Lincoln

Ditch the Itch from Lincoln
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An enhanced formulation of midge repellent offering extended cover. Formulated to incorporate natural ingredients, it is ideal for use in spring and summer when there is a potential of irritation from biting midges. For use against filies, biting midges and horseflies by direct application to the skin.

Shake well before use. Hold the pack upright and spray from a distance of 15cm from the coat. Apply 10ml of product (approx 10 trigger pulls) per 150sqcms of horse skin. Spray thoroughly on all areas prone to midge worry, especially the head, mane, tail, rump and belly avoiding contact with eyes. Re-apply as necessary dependant on the intensity of midge worry and general climatic condtions.

Irritant. Care must be taken not to let product come into contact with human skin and avoid breathing in spray. Always wash hand immediately after use and before contact with food. Keep out of the reach of children and in original container.