Dreamcoat from Carr Day Martin 500ml

Dreamcoat from Carr Day Martin 500ml

Note it is recommended that you always do a skin test before using any new coat product on your horse or pony. Perform a skin test twice, 24 hours apart by applying as directed to a small area not effected by tack. It is best to use an area where the coat is thinnest so as to make contact with the skin

Brand:  Carr Day Martin
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Weight:  650g



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Carr Day Martin

Outshine the competition with Dreamcoat from Carr Day Martin, the ultimate high gloss finish.
The unique non-slip formula leaves no grease or residue so you do not have to avoid the tack areas.
Dreamcoat highlights muscle definition. Spray onto manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish.
Spray the fine mist over the body, mane & tail for the ultimate even application
Always read the label before use and perform a 24 hour patch test.