Instamag Spray Calming from Freestep

Instamag Spray Calming from Freestep
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Brand:  Freestep Superfix
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Freestep Superfix

Spray on Calming from Freestep Superfix for use on Rider as well as Horse or Pony.
  • InstaMag Rider for nervous, tense riders is a light mist spray that is especially good for children who are short of the vital mineral magnesium. Magnesium is a fantastic natural relaxant and helps to rid the body of excess tension. Great to use before bedtime to ensure a good nights sleep. Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride and Natural Spring Water.
  • InstaMag Calming is a transdermal application of spray magnesium. Use on easily spooked, excitable horses and those lacking in concentration. Active in 20 minutes after application.  Can be used daily. Ingredients Magnesium Chloride and Natural Spring Water

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