Medicated Horse Shampoo from CleanRound

Medicated Horse Shampoo from CleanRound
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CleanRound Medicated shampoo kills 99.9999% of known bacteria, fungi and viruses including the bacterium responsible for strangles and the fungi that causes ringworm. This medicated shampoo is safe to use on all animals and humans and has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of sweet itch and mud fever. Defra tested and powered by 'Duomax' the cleaning and disinfectant product which contains no bleach, chlorine and alcohol so is safe to use in all environments. Cleanround shampoo will not damage or spoil materials such as leather plastic or rubber and is not harmful to any drain or waste disposal method.

CleanRound shampoo with a ph of 7 to 8 means it is safe to use undiluted from the container on stubbon stable stains with a sponge or cloth, it is also effective enough when used diluted at 20ml of shampoo to a bucket of warm water, or cold water for a low level foam, for everyday use. Shake well before use and apply to a wet coat. Work into the coat and wait at least 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly