Patent Shine For All Leather from Groom Away 200gms

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Patent Shine For All Leather from Groom Away 200gms
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Brand:  Groom Away
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Groom Away

Fly Away Patent Shine can be used on saddles, bridles, shoes, boots, handbags, belts, sofas - the list is endless. Helps weather proof and protect leather against mould growth. When dry it gives a non slip shine which can be used to help to secure your position in the saddle and lasts for weeks. Groom Away Patent Shine keeps your leather products looking great and lasting longer.

Apply a thin coat using the sponge provided, and leave to dry. For a presfessional Patent Shine, apply a second coat. Never mix with water or apply to wet leather. If using to seat or leg, apply a coat to the saddle or the inner part of the boot immediately prior to use. The product has an adhesive quality when first applied, which provides a non-slip surface, this disappears after approximately 30 seconds