Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds 20kg

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Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds 20kg
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Brand:  British Horse Feeds
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British Horse Feeds

Speedi-beet is unmolassed sugar beet pulp cooked via a unique patented process to produce flakes with need a fraction of the soaking time of traditional sugar beet shreds or pellets. RRich in soluble fibre with is easily digested and gives slow release energy as well as being low in sugar  and contains no starch.  Speedi-beet is particularly useful for those horses whose starch intake requires minimising or controlling like those prone to laminitis or tying-up.
Targeted at:

  • Those requiring additional digestible fibre as part of a fully balanced diet
  • Horses on a low starch diet needing low sugar, high fibre calories
  • Good-doers who need to be kept chewing, while controlling calorie intake
Analytical Content
D.Energy  Protein  Fibre  Oil       Ash       
12 Mj/Kg 9% 16% 0.7% 9%