Spotless Grooming Brushes from Bridleway

Spotless Grooming Brushes from Bridleway
Selection: Face BrushSelection: Body Brush - Goat HairSelection: Body BrushSelection: Body Brush SmallSelection: Body Wash Brush
Selection: Dandy Brush SmallSelection: Dandy Brush LargeSelection: Dandy Brush - Long BristleSelection: Hoof BrushSelection: Hoof Pick
Selection: Sweat ScraperSelection: Mane & Tail CombSelection: Mane & Tail Brush
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Brand:  Bridleway
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Spotless Grooming Brushes from Bridleways Equestrian feature rubberised grips designed for comfort at the same time giving a more secure hold.
Kit includes:
  • Face Brush
  • Hoof Brush
  • Small Body Brush
  • Goat Hair Body Brush
  • Body Brush
  • Body Wash Brush
  • Large Dandy Brush
  • Small Dandy Brush
  • Long Bristle Large Dandy Brush
  • Mane & Tail Comb
  • Mane & Tail Brush
  • Sweat Scraper
  • Hoof Pick

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