Stop The Bot from Lincoln

Stop The Bot from Lincoln
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Lincoln Stop The Bot is designed for use against Bot flies, and is also an effective repellent against other biting insects such as flies, midges, gnats and horseflies by application directly to the skin of the horse. The triple action formula repels the Bot fly, deters the horse from ingesting the eggs and aids easier removal of adhered eggs.

Spray directly from a distance of 15cm onto all areas of the horses legs where Bot flies lay their eggs. Typically 5ml of product (approx 8 pump strokes) will cover an area of 10x15cm. Re-apply as necessary

When removing Bot eggs it is advisable to wear rubber gloves and wash hands very well afterwards. Avoid contact with eyes and skin and do not inhale vapours. This product is highly flammable, do not smoke or use near sources of ignition. Vapours can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Keep out of reach of children.